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  • Burotica / Severs IBM

    Burotica / Severs IBM

  • Burotica / Scotch 3M

    Burotica / Scotch 3M

    DISTRICT COURT/FOURTH JUDICIAL DISTRICT/Court file No.27-CV-10-28862 of 20/2/2018 AGREEMENT AND ORDER between the State of Minnesota as Plaintiff and 3M Company as Defendant/ II. PAYMENT 13. 3M will make a Grant in the amount of $ 850 million to the State which shall be held in the 3M Grant for Water Quality and Sustainability Fund,…

  • Burotica / Stapler Bostitch

    Burotica / Stapler Bostitch

    Thomas Briggs invented a wire stitching machine and founded the Boston Wire Stitch Company in 1896. Even though later it focused primarily on industrial stitching machines, the company manufactured its first Desk Stapler in 1914.On the 3rd of April 1928 Thomas Briggs was granted a US patent for the invention of an improved method for…

  • Burotica / Schuifmaat Mitutoyo

    Burotica / Schuifmaat Mitutoyo

    Our Founding Spirit: (1) To contribute to people‚Äôs welfare through support of the advancement of Buddhist understanding. (2) To see that Mitutoyo excels in its field of expertise and in its business conduct throughout the world. Our Management Principles:To contribute to the well being of society through precision measurement technologies. To become a complete man,…